Social Contribution Projects

As responsible citizen, Harada Kogyo Group has sponsored Festivals and other events that are held in our local community. We have also contributed our energy to nurture the younger generation by sponsoring sports competitions and cultural events.

Cherry Blossoms Planting
Our Founder, Mr. Nobuo Harada, planted cherry blossoms around Nakatomi-pond Cherry Park, which is close to our headquarters. We have succeeded his spirit and continue this cherry blossom planting project for the beautiful local community.
"KENDO" Competition at Minami Soma City
"KENDO" is a traditional Japanese martial art of sword fighting, which cultivates not only physical strength, but also mental strength, Harada Kogyo has sponsored the KENDO Competition in Minami Soma City, where the "Soma Nomaoi" festival, a national important intangible cultural heritage, is held annually.
Fukuyama Castle Sketching Event
This is a sketching event of "Fukuyama Castle," the symbol of Fukuyama City. It aims at cultivating healthy minds of children to love and value our home town. We have conducted this event annually since 2005, and around 250 children between 3 and 8 years old have enjoyed sketching "Fukuyama Castle."
Fukuyama Rose Festival
Fukuyama City promotes "City planning of one million roses" in union with the citizens. And Fukuyama Rose Festival is the biggest event in the city, in which around 800,000 people enjoy full bloom roses. Harada Kogyo Group has committed to support the festival every year.
JCI Junior Chamber International
We supports the activities of Junior Chamber International in Fukuyama and around the world. JCI provides individual training, social service and friendship with the world. JCI maintains an ideal of creating a bright and affluent society. JCI also intends to contribute to society by cooperating with local communities, enhancing development and communication among its members, and cultivating social spirit.
Founded in 1915 in St. Louis, JCI now has 200,000 members in 115 countries.
The United Nations advocates universally accepted principals in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption through the United National Global Compact. We have been a member since January 2011. As a global company, we'll contribute to creating a sustainable society by promoting responsible operations through positive Corporate Social Responsibility activities within and around our company.